Our association

Our association

With a long history and many members, Euros is an interesting association, find out why.

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Rowing at Euros

Rowing at Euros

Rowing, -the- student sport. At Euros you can both row recreationally, and competitively at a national level.

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The NIKE is the introduction period where you get to know everything Euros over a period of 3 weeks. In those three weeks you’ll lay the foundation for friendships that will last a lifetime!

About EurosAbout EurosAbout Euros

About Euros

The D.R.V. Euros is one of the largest, oldest and most active sports associations of the University of Twente. Euros offers the ideal combination of exercising and socializing. Our own pub, ‘De Sevende Camer’, is located (with the boathouse) between the campus and the city and is the perfect place to meet up with your crew and relax after classes. Every thursday, our pub hosts dinner and drinks afterwards as well as annual events like a christmas dinner, our anniversary, karaoke, or the introduction parties. At Euros, we also organise our own national boat race, the Grolsch Euros Drienerlo Regatta. Here we welcome thousands of rowers from student associations all across the country to our channel.
Besides sports and socializing, you can also become an active member of one of our committees, coaches or eventually the board. This way, you gain useful career experience in a fun and accessible way.
During the Kick-In there are multiple moments when you can try rowing or just get a tour of the water sport complex, so visit us and see if rowing is your future.

350+ members

Euros has more than 350 members, from first years to master- and PhD students.

54 years

Euros was founded in 1965 and has celebrated many highlights of its rich history.

Our own pub

Euros has it’s very own pub at the University’s Water Sports Complex (Universitair Watersportcomplex). Plenty of room for a drink or a party!


Our members are, other than in terms of sports, very active in many committees. On top of that, Euros also has 4 fraternaties/sororities who are commited to forming a stronger bond between members.


Euros challenges its members on all fronts; Both in rowing and in committees. Our goal? Help you achieve both your own and the association’s potential!

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Rowing at EurosRowing at EurosRowing at Euros

Rowing at Euros

Rowing is -the- student sport by far. No other sport is so intertwined with studentlife as rowing. Most rowers only start rowing when they enroll in university and that makes rowing very accessible. Euros offers two types of rowing: The recreational competition rowing, where you can have a beer or two (or ten) after your race and the competitive “wedstrijd” rowing, where you practice 6-7 times every week to participate in (inter)national races. What makes rowing so attractive, is that you can reach the top relatively quickly. Rowing is easy to take up (it’s basically just one movement) and with professional coaching, you can achieve your highest potential.

Going pro

Euros is the only student sports association in Enschede that has professional sports as a standard. And not without results. Only 2 years ago, one of Euros’ rowers participated in the U23 championships and came in second!

New friends

Your crew is like your family in this new city. No matter how much and how fast you’ll be rowing, in your first year you’ll make friendships to last a lifetime.


Rowing is a very high-intensity sport. You mostly use your legs, but you’ll also be building rockhard abs and incredible core stability. Rowers are go-getters!

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Curious about -the- student sport? Then take the challenge and sign up for the Euros Introduction period (NIKE) to learn everything there is to know about Euros and what we can offer you. The NIKE is a 3-week period and starts with a smashing opening party, followed by activities every tuesday and thursday. Over the 3 weeks after the Kick-in we won’t just be partying, but also learn to row with your own NIKE-crew. The NIKE ends with a traditional inauguration. This trial membership is only 17,50 for 3 weeks full of fun activities and rowing!

Opening night

Thursday September 1st Euros

The first NIKE evening! Meet your new NIKE-crew and your NIKE-parents and come up with your crew name.

Chasing blik

Tuesday September 8th / Thursday September 10th Euros

Get familiar with all facets of competitive rowing. Run through a competitive season with several games, collect every ‘blik’ (rowing medals) and beat the other NIKE crews!

Crazy 88

Tuesday September 8th / Thursday September 10th At home (online)

Tonight we are doing a crazy 88. Earn points by doing challenges with your NIKE-crew and win the crazy 88!

Euros City Tour

Tuesday September 15th / Thursday September 17th City

Tonight you will learn about different aspects from Euros apart from rowing. You will visit the Euros houses and get to know the different committees.

Club night

Tuesday September 15th / Thursday September 17th Euros

Meet two of the sororities/fraternities from Euros. Together they will organise a fantastic activity!

Show your strength and your skill

Tuesday September 22nd Euros

Before you can become a full member at Euros, you’ll be expected to be somewhat familiar with Euros and rowing. Show what your crew has learned over the last couple weeks.


Thursday September 24th Euros

Tonight is the final NIKE evening. At this traditional inauguration, together with your NIKE crew, you’ll receive your tie (or choker) from the board after which you will be a full member of D.R.V. Euros.

After the inauguration, we collectively rest for a weekend. We can look back on a beautiful time where many people have shown to be Euros-worthy. But we should also look towards the future, because the first official race is almost knocking at our doors! In the coming period, we’ll be practicing to perform as well as we can in this race. Interested in competitive rowing? Then this period is where you’ll join a heavy training schedule to get you as fit as possible before the selection period. Will you be the next fall champion?